Lobbyist mounts the pulpit for marriage sermon

ARMIDALE Community Church will host talks by the representative of the Fatherhood Foundation and the National Marriage Coalition this weekend.
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Warwick Marsh established the Fatherhood Foundation in 2002 as a non-profit organisation designed to promote excellent fathering for the benefit of children.

Armidale Community Church senior minister, Dr David Logan, said the promotion of good parenting was vital to society. “In our society one of the things that has been lacking is dads being really good fathers, and there’s a whole range of reasons for that,” he said. “No matter how good a father you are, you can always do better.”

Mr Marsh is also a member of the National Marriage Coalition, a lobby group that opposes changes to the definition of marriage as it currently stands in Australia.

He has courted controversy in recent years, having been sacked as a health ambassador by then Health Minister Nicola Roxon in 2008 for his association with a paper viewed as homophobic.

But Dr Logan said the National Marriage Coalition did not seek to discriminate against same-sex couples, insisting that their argument is solely related to the definition of marriage.

“There should not be discrimination against people who choose to live outside of marriage in a relationship, whether it’s homosexual or heterosexual,” he said.

“That’s all fine. We just want to see marriage retained as it is without any changes.”

Dr Logan said changing the definition of marriage from a ‘Judeo Christian’ to a ‘rights-based’ perspective could have broad reaching implications.

“If we take that foundation away and say no, the Judeo-Christian ethic’s gone by changing the definition of marriage, then we have a system that’s going to be based on rights, and at what point do we stop those rights?” he said.

“Why would we allow rights for one group and not another? Once you move that foundation, then there’s a lot of implications and I’d very much stick up for the current foundation not being changed at all.”

Although several polls have shown a majority of Australians support same-sex marriage, Dr Logan said a referendum would be a better indicator of the level of support.

“I’d love to have it put to a referendum and see what the majority of Australians actually really do think,” he said. “Depending on the question, polls can be made to say whatever you want.”

Mr Marsh will be the guest speaker at church services at 9.30am and 6pm on Sunday, and will also take part in a men’s breakfast on Saturday at 7am.

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