Grenfell Pigeon Racing Club News

Pigeon racing started again last weekend with two new flyers, Peter Bean and John Vanderpoel.

A lot has been going on in the off season.

Shannon got married but got upset when they let his birds go outside the Church, they didn’t make it home.

Ross is happy with Ian moving out, he’s got the loft all to himself, now he’s not getting told what to do, but he still has to go home to five girls.

Ian’s put up a new loft, closer to the house and it’s much easier – “Quick – get me another beer?”

Barry’s spent more time singing to his birds this year.

It must be working as they keep coming home, and not just the pigeon variety.

Andy added another cage in his backyard, he doesn’t need the pigeon room, just less mowing.

Steve got his bird’s sorted out this year.

Marty’s going to call on all of his years of experience to win this year and he’s got plenty of them.

Thank goodness for modern transport, the motor car, otherwise the 150 kilometre race from Tullamore would be 300 kilometres.

They were let go at 11.30am, Shannon Petty got the first one in clocked at 129pm.

This was very, very surprising as Shannon is the front marker by 15 kilometres, but he still didn’t win.

If he got it in ten minutes earlier when it first landed on the roof he would have.

Bad time to be stocking the beer fridge.

Ross Brenner won the first race with a Blue Bar Cock, which was clocked at 131pm, velocity 1244.69.

Lucky Mitch was up there to see it as Ross was too busy trying to light a fire with his dad’s good bee frames.

Ian came second with a Blue Checker Cock, velocity 1235.41.

Barry came third with a Blue Bar Hen, velocity 1224.11.

Andy came fourth with a Blue Checker Pied Hen, velocity 1218.18.

Marty came fifth followed by John Vanderpoel, Peter Bean and Shannon.

With everyone getting great returns it’s great for flyers as it set them up for a long season.

Not so good for me as I have to write many more reports and I promised Barry I wouldn’t make jokes about that orange car.

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