Day: May 24, 2018

Grenfell Government Access Centre

The Grenfell Government Access Centre has been operating for over 15 years and in that time the staff have appreciated the continuing support of the local community.
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This support has allowed the centre to slowly increase the range of services that can be provided locally for various Government departments and agencies.

With continued support of the local community in this time of technology with more and more services being offered on-line the centre hopes provide personal services in a friendly in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to the community for another 15 year – especially if you do not have a computer.

The following are some of the services available locally.

Remember – If you don’t use it – we could lose it.

Local Court Services

* Birth death and marriage certificate applications


* Lodgement of all Centrelink Forms

* Access to Centelink self service via phone and computer

* Medicare tele-claiming

NSW Fisheries

* Issue and renew fishing licences

Maritime Services

* Boat Licence renewals

* Boat Registration renewals

Seniors Card

* Applications for senior cards


* Payment of infringement Notices

Roads and Maritime Services

* Vehicle registration renewals and transfers

* Change of address or concession status

* License renewals

* Driver Knowledge tests ( L Plates )

* Driver Qualifications tests ( Green P)

* Driver Hazard Perception tests (full license)

* Lodgement of Medical reports

* Book Driving tests

Office of Fair Trading

* Building Licences Application and renewals

* Owner Builder Permits

* Association Applications

Department of Housing

Department of Veterans Affairs

National Parks

The Centre is Open Wednesday to Friday – 9am-1pm and 2-4pm

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Knit, Natter and Nibble

Enjoying themselves to the hilt were (L/R back) Librarian Anne Gault, Astrid Bevans, Nancy Jones (both wrapped in a completed blanket). In front (L/R) were Jenny Wells and Roma Sinclair.In what must be one of the most accessible and sociable charities ever undertaken is now under way in Grenfell and around the rest of the world.
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The idea is so radical in its simplicity that it defies the imagination as to the broad scope and effectiveness of its reach throughout the entire world.

All you need to join in this worldwide event is some wool and a couple of knitting needles. You don’t have to be artistic or techically minded by any stretch of the imagination. All you need to have is a desire to do something wonderful for those less fortunate than yourself and the ability to knit. To further make this charity more accessible – if you can’t knit and you still want to participate – all you have to do is take yourself and your knitting needles and wool down to the Grenfell Library every Wednesday morning at 10am on the 11th, 18th and 25th of July and the final session on August 1 – and one of the lovely knitters there will have you knitting like you have been doing it all your life in no time at all.

This world-wide phenomenon is called “Wrap with Love” and all it entails is a whole lot of people sitting around and knitting squares that will then be transformed into blankets to be distributed to those who need them, especially those in colder climes where hypothermia strikes the underprivileged. It only takes 28 assembled squares to make one of these blankets.

The Grenfell ‘Wrap with Love’ annual campaign began on Wednesday morning at the Grenfell Library under the banner of Knit, Natter and Nibble and so far have taken possession of over 100 squares of wool and a few beautiful and warm blankets have already been created as a result.

This scene is repeated in libraries all around Australia and the Orange ABC (549) and nationally is one of the major supporters of the program.

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Indoor Bowls News

Our numbers did increase last Friday night but we still only had enough players for two mats and Thelma Roberts again led the winning team in with W Galvan and M Drogemuller as support, winning both games on offer and scoring 19 points, runners up were G Galvan, A Taylor, L Sparkes and E Gluyas winning one game and scoring 22 points.
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We had a visitor in Harvey Reeves coming all the way from Perth and had a game with us and I’m sure he was made welcome.

At our district AGM, held at Cowra on Sunday July 1, a new Secretary was elected and that Secretary is Kim Sharmon from Forbes S and R Club also on account of some of our players going to Tasmania on our original district singles day it was decided to cancel that date and move all events forward one event, date so our singles will be played on August 9 and all other qualifying rounds will be moved accordingly.

Our own Open Day is getting closer and will be played on July 22 so I hope we have a lot of local names on the board as soon as possible.

Next Friday night is vouchers from the cards so still hoping for bigger roll numbers.

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Sporting Shooters Association News

Sunday last ,Rimfire benchrest Shoot conducted by SSAA Grenfell Branch was quite successful with five shooters turning out for the match.
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David McCue shot the smallest group average of 26.57mm.

Mick Gill also impressed spectators by grouping a average of 30.66mm.

A Temporay cease fire was called as a helicopter flew low over the firing line.

Peter Cochrane showed how important choosing the correct Ammunition is by shooting 56.67 with expensive ammunition.

Recap on the scores for the morning

D McCue 26.57

M Gill 30.66

P Howe 45.70

M Cardena 56.37

P Cochrane 56.67

Load testing for centrefires was done in the afternoon , no scores recorded.

Next shoot is Three position rimfire on the 1st of July at 9:15am, a free BBQ lunch is provided and a centrefire shoot in the afternoon.

Anyone over the age of 12 can participate provided they have photo ID . More Information can be found at SSAA’s website www.ssaa南京夜网.au

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Grenfell Junior Soccer Reports

Hugo closest to the ball, Annabella and Michelle supporting him with Country Car Wash players keen to get the ball too.U6’S GRENFELL BOWLING CLUB GOLD
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Coach: Tim Wood

U6’s Grenfell Bowling Club Gold: Hugo Wood, Annabella Taylor, Michelle Walker, Spencer Mehrton, Chase McFarlane, Emerson Squires, Georgia Squires

Under 6’s Grenfell Bowling Club Gold team played their last game before school holidays against Country Car Wash in Young and it was tough competition.

A small number of players available and two Hugo’s on the field playing against each other added a number of challenges.

Annabella, Michelle and Hugo did a great job defending, attacking and saving goals. Country Car Wash team players had good ball skills with a fast paced game but our team should feel very proud of their efforts – they did a great job.


Coach: Mat McCann

Under 6’s Grenfell Bowling Club Green: Noah Eppelstun Griffin, Brodie Loader, Blake Reeves, Marcus Soley, Luke Murdoch, Ray McCann.

Today the Grenfell Bowling Club Green under 6’s traveled to Boorowa for a match.

The four boys were keen and eager starting the game with the assistance of two players from Boorowa to make up numbers.

All the boys played extremely well.

Brodie and Luke showed some impressive attack skills, stealing the ball on several occasions.

Noah displayed some expert kicking skills and assisted in stopping several goals.

Ray was a great team player, going wherever the ball was and ensuring he had his fellow players back up.

The score definitely was not a sign of the boys efforts and overall improvement.

Good job by all!

McDonalds five dollar voucher was won by Ray and Luke

McDonalds Encouragement Award won by Brodie and Noah

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Grenfell Bowls News

Charli O’Byrne about to take a shot at the Goannas Bowls Day fundraiser last Sunday. It was certainly kids day for the Goannas with (l/r) Connor Brebner, Declan Brebner and Aaron Mawhinney having a great time.
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CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS – SINGLES DECIDED: Grenfell Bowling Club’s Stephen Galvin won the Lachlan Valley District “Champion of Champions” singles event staged at Grenfell Bowling Club last Saturday, June 30.

Although he won the title, Steve would be the very first to tell you that it was “a difficult day at the office.”

On Saturday morning, Steve was opposed to very solid competition from Cowra Bowling Club in the person of Gerard Beath.

This encounter was an absolute “nail-biter” as they went at their task shot for shot.

At the completion of the match, Steve realised the better of the final ends enabling him to conquer Gerard by 31 shots to 27.

The deciding match-up of this competition was played last Saturday afternoon in steadily deteriorating weather conditions.

This was the contest between, of course, Grenfell’s Steve Galvin and Canowindra Bowling Club’s Mick Holdsworthy, to determine the 2012 Lachlan Valley Champion.

As was the case in the morning, this was to be yet another nerve-wracking game for the local bowler.

Nearing the completion of this very exciting final, Steve was trailing his visiting opponent by 27 shots to 30.

However, fortune favours the brave (so they say), and Steve scored with a two followed by another double on the final two ends played.

This, of course, saw the local singles champion, Steve Galvin, become the Lachlan Valley “Champion of Champions” Singles player for 2012.

Congratulations to Stephen Galvin from the Grenfell Men’s Bowling Club.

NOT SO FORTUNATE IN PAIRS: Last Sunday, July 1, the final of the Lachlan Valley District “Champion of Champions” pairs was contested at the Cowra Bowling Club.

This saw Grenfell’s own Bradley and father Stephen Galvin challenging Alan Messenger and Russell Nobes from Cowra Bowling Club.

The Grenfell duo shotaway with a scintillating start but alas, it rained and it hailed, and the playing conditions completely changed!

Following the Galvin’s holding a handy lead and the advent of nasty weather, the tide turned.

Messenger and Nobes appeared to be like ducks on water and they began to dominate the contest.

Try as hard as they might, Brad and Steve could not alter this growing dominance and subsequently, the Cowra pairing got away with the final by ten shots.

The final score was, in fact, Cowra 24 shots against Grenfell’s 14.

Congratulations to Alan Messenger and Russell Nobes who are now the Lachlan Valley District “Champion of Champions” Pairs winners for 2012.

NOW FOR THE CLUB FOURS: The nominations for the Grenfell Men’s Bowling Club’s Fours Championships closed on Sunday, July 1.

As a consequence the draw was conducted on Monday morning, July 2.

The resultant match roster is on display in the relevant section of the clubhouse.

Just to get the ball rolling in this event only a single match is listed for play on Sunday, July 15.

This is to be the game between T Fowler, B McAlister, B Galvin and S Galvin (skip) and James Hunter, S Baker, D Troy and G Hunter (skip).

Further play in the Club Fours is scheduled for the Sundays of July 22 and 29.

BOWLERS JACKPOT: Another jackpot draw has come and gone without a winner being found.

This draw needed: (i) an odd end; (ii) End number one; and (iii) Minus seven shots.

Needless to say, it failed to unearth a winner and now jackpots to a more attractive value of $114.00.

If the rain of the present fails to put the damper on Wednesday and Friday social bowls this week, perhaps it is now that the time is ripe for the jackpot to be claimed.

It all remains in the lap of the God’s!

GOANNAS BOWLS QUITE SUCCESSFUL: Possibly the numbers could have been better and the weather more conducive to bowls but the Fun Bowls Day presented by the Goannas Rugby League Football Club last Sunday, July 1, was a quite successful exercise.

This success was largely due to the diligent efforts of the Goannas’ organisers Steve O’Byrne and Garry Holmes.

After rainfall in the morning, a short bowls game was played by all participants.

Then, following a delicious barbeque luncheon and more rain, another short match was contested.

At the conclusion of the playing of bowls, magnificent meat tray prizes from Grenfell Quality Meats were presented to the third, second and first place getters for the day.

Well done to the Goannas.

It would be worthwhile staging a few more occasions such as this, don’t you think.

Yours in Bowls

“If you have ever thought about playing the game of lawn bowls, be assured it is never too late to commence”

With Keep Rollin’

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Muster committee hold farewell dinner for Frank Freudenstein

Don Forsyth (right) presenting Frank Fruedenstein with a token of appreciation on behalf of the Muster committee at the farewell dinner at the Happy Inn recently.Members of the Muster Committee gathered at the Happy Inn Restaurant last week to say thank you to Frank and Shirley Freudenstein for Franks tireless effort as committee member since its inception.
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Frank volunteered himself from the beginning and has been a staunched supporter all the way, helping in the early days with roll calls, camp oven cooking on the last night, counting the riders out and most importantly on their returned.

His presence around the showground when the riders were out during the day was also reassuring to them that everything was safe back at camp.

Frank put together a good raffle each year and always donated some of his beautiful leatherwork to go with it and then hours making sure the tickets sold well.

Frank was also the Vice President of the committee and very ably stood in when Don Forsyth was struck down with illness.

Most will remember Frank for his big voice echoing across showground as he rang the warning bell and announced “LEAVING IN FIFTEEN MINUTES.”

Frank  says old age is catching up on him and the body just won’t allow him to do a lot of things anymore.  We can all relate to that.

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June rainfall close to average

The first six months of 2012 was much wetter than last year following the 50 mm in June which brought the total for the year so far to 418.3 mm or 16 inches and 74 points. For the same period last year, Grenfell recorded a total of 314.2 mm (12 inches and 58 points).
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The 50 mm (2 inches) in June this year was much higher than June 2011 when just 16.6 mm was recorded. Local farmers are very pleased with the wetter conditions and are looking forward to good rains in  July and more importantly to a wet Spring.

Since 1886, the average rainfall for June is 56.3 mm. Grenfell’s wettest June was in 1923 when 176.2 mm was measured and again in 1931 when 164 mm was recorded. Our driest June was in 1944 when just 2.8 mm fell over the township. That year the annual rainfall was only 9 inches and 96 points- a very dry year.

June this year experienced below average temperatures with the month’s coldest morning being recorded on Saturday, June 9 when it dropped to –3.0 degrees. On June 10 it also was very cold when it was –2.2 and again on June 20 when it was a quite chilly –1.9 and June 30, 0.6. The lowest ever temperature recorded since 1965 was on June 15, 2006 when it dropped to –6.5 degrees.

June’s maximum temperature from 9 am was recorded on 14th when it rose to just 17.5 degrees. Other days when temperatures rose over the 17 degrees mark were June 12- 17.3, June 13 17.4, June 28 17.2 degrees.

The average temperature for June 2012 was 13.9 and the average since 1965 is 14.4 degrees. The hottest June day since 1965 was recorded on June 1, 1994 when it rose to a very warm 23.3 degrees. The rainfall for June that year was only 27 mm and for the year 352.6 mm or just over 14 inches.

We now have July with us and already up until Monday morning the 2nd, 5 mm (20 points) has been measured- lets hope the district receives further good beneficial rains during the month.

The SOI (Southern Oscillation Index) reading of –13.3 is in a El Nino situation, meaning drier conditions.

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Wotzon in Grenfell

Wednesday – July 4
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Knit, Natter & Nibble – Library – 10am – all knitters welcome – a great charity event

Men’s Shed Open – next to Railway Station – 10am till 3pm – for access by arrangement for all other times ring 0427-317-902

Grenfell Playgroup – Grenfell Public School – 10am till 12noon – Call Emma 6343 -1717

Royal Far West meeting – Bowling Club -2pm

Rotary Meeting – Bowling Club – 6pm

Thursday – July 5

Leisure Group recommences 26 July – in recess for school holidays

Healthy Heart Group – at Bowling Club – 11am

CWA Day Branch meeting – CWA Rooms – 1.30pm

Yoga Classes – CWA Rooms – 5.30pm – 7pm – 6343 3232

Town Band rehearsal – Band Hall – 7.30pm

Friday – July 6

Bingo – Country Club – 10am

Indoor Bowls – Bowling Club – 7pm

Saturday – July 7

Museum Open – Camp St – (next to Council Chambers) – 10am till 3pm

Grenfell Music Club Wong Family Concert – Uniting Church hall – 2.30pm

Sunday – July 8

Social Golf – Country Club – 8am

Monday – July 9

Museum Open – Camp St (next to Council Chambers) – 9am till 11am

Martial Arts – rear of IGA – 6.30pm till 8pm

Tuesday – July 10

Pole Walking – Showground – 9am

Museum Open – Camp St (next to Council Chambers) – 10am till 3pm

Yoga – CWA Rooms – 5.30pm till 7pm – Sonia 6343 31232

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday – July 11

Combined Pensioners & Superannuants meeting – Melyra St Rooms – 11am

Saturday – July 14

Christmas in July – Grenfell Country Club – Junior League fundraiser

Monday – July 16

Probus Club meeting – 10am – Bowling Club

Schools’ Term 3 commences

Tuesday – July 17

Operation Christmas Child 2012 Grenfell Launch – Pat Berman’s at 35 Wood Street – 10am

Sunday – July 22

MJDS Junior Tennis Tournament- Country Club

Thursday – July 26

Leisure Group resumes – Uniting Church Hall – all welcome – Ring Norma on 6343- 1809 for more information

Friday – July 27

Australian Red Cross meeting – CWA Rooms – 2pm

Saturday – July 28

Town Band Christmas in July Dinner – Criterion Hotel – 7.30pm

Wednesday – August 1

Royal Far West meeting – Bowling Club – 2pm

Thursday – August 2

CWA Day branch meeting – CWA Rooms – 1.30pm

Friday- August 31 &

Saturday – September 1

Grenfell PAH& I Show – Grenfell Showground

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Grenfell to become “RV friendly town”

As a result of ever-diminishing revenue from state and federal governments over the last couple of decades, rural councils across Australia have had to devise various plans to refurbish their coffers in order to provide the services and facilities that ratepayers have come to expect.
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One of the most profitable areas of revenue growth for many councils has been the growth of tourism. Thus, the never-ending quest to attract those tourist dollars has become an exercise in innovation and good old advertising to attract people to their areas.

Events such as the Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival have helped increase the bottom line. Natural attractions such as national parks and heritage streetscapes have also been employed to create a steady flow of the sought-after tourist dollar.

Another phenomenon that has also become a target for councils is the huge growth of the “Grey Nomad” retirees who constantly travel the nation in their caravans and motor homes. There are tens of thousands of these special brand of tourists and they have, because of their numbers, become influential in deciding where their money will be spent. The Recreational Vehicle tourists have their own organizations and publications to advise their members where the best bargains and tourist destinations are located. These locations are generally tagged as “RV Friendly” towns in their publications. These are generally towns that provide cheap camping spots for caravans and motor homes for overnight or longer stays. The facilities are listed in their magazines and are very thorough and up to date with their information.

For a council to be able to legally display government-approved “RV Friendly” signs is a passport to obtain a share of this particular share of tourism. To get an idea of the size of this sector one only has to count the number of caravans and motor homes that pass through Grenfell every week. There is no doubting what the monetary effect of attracting even a fraction of this number of tourists, and persuading them to stay longer, would have on the economic fortunes of the shire.

In order to make this plan a reality the June meeting of the Weddin Shire Council was informed that discussions had recently been held with Mr Richard Barwick, General Manager of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia, as to what was needed to be done to obtain accreditation with his organization. Mr Barwick told the council that his organization did not expect free parking as part of the RV Friendly program.

This then led to the possibility of using the Grenfell Caravan Park as a viable option to meet the requirements. The meeting was also told that the caravan park location would also meet Department of Planning requirements.

After much discussion and some debate the council passed a resolution to “Endorse the Grenfell Caravan Park as the designated camping area for the RV Friendly Town campaign and to effectively amend the Caravan Camping rate at the park for Campervan and Motorhome members to $5 per night for non-powered sites and $10 per night for a powered site”.

The scene is now set for an influx of longer-staying Caravan and Motorhome members.

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