Day: June 13, 2018

Grenfell Bowls News

CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS: A flu-stricken Andrew Brown struggled out of his sick bed (he said “death bed”) on Sunday afternoon, July 29, and “skipped” his team to a resounding victory in the Club Fours Championships Final.
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Andrew and his “sidekicks”, particularly third John Joyce and to a lesser extent second Blake Bradtke, handled the gusty, chilly and difficult conditions much more ably than their opposition comprising Quinton Murray, Rob Chambers, Richard Hasler, and Barry Jones (skip).

As the game progressed, there was no way possible that Andrew and his fellow team members were going to allow the opposition into the match.

The final result of 25 shots to 13 shows the clear dominance displayed by the victorious combination.

Congratulations to the 2012 Fours Champions of the Grenfell Bowling Club, namely Matty Reid, Blake Bradtke, John Joyce and “Bingo” Brown.

The four of you have convincingly claimed the title this year.

Well done indeed, bowlers!

AND NOW FOR INVERELL: This coming weekend, August 4 and 5, Grenfell’s grade 3 pennants team, the recent winners of the zone 5 flag, will be contesting the state play-offs for champion club on bowling greens in the northern NSW town of Inverell.

This, of course, is a long way to go for a game or two of lawn bowls and so, the local lads are determined to make it worth their while.

The traveling party will consist of Tim Fowler, Bradley Galvin, Sam Brown and Stephen Galvin (skip); Dylan Troy, Matt Reid, John Joyce and Andrew Brown (skip); and finally, Brendon McAlister, Blake Bradtke, Ross Hunter and Graeme Hunter (skip).

In addition, Rodger Baker and Barry Jones will be accompanying this contingent as reserve players.

In their pool, the Grenfell grade 3 team will be confronting Sylvania, Bega and Cabramatta Bowling Club teams (in that order).

If the local bowlers win this pool of matches, they will progress to the semi-finals, etc.

As people are known to say, chaps, fingers crossed, heads down, and here’s hopin’!

RAFFLE RESULTS: Very recently the Grenfell Men’s Bowling Club has been conducting a raffle in support of the impending journey to Inverell (see item above) to contest the State Pennants Play-Offs.

It is with much gratitude and many thanks to the many local participants in this exercise that the results are provided here in print.

The fortunate winner of the larger load of firewood for first place goes to Mr Wayne Hutson.

The recipient of the smaller but still very useful supply of firewood for second is Mr John Joyce.

The large bottle of bourbon for third prize goes to “Wild Turkey” Rodger Baker, and Ms Cheryl rolls takes home a delicious bottle of wine for fourth prize.

Again, a mighty big thank you to the local community for its continued support for the Grenfell Men’s Bowling Club.

BIG DAY OUT: This coming Saturday, August 4, will be a big day out for many local and visiting bowlers.

It is the day on which the Henry Lawson Mixed Triples Tournament will be staged.

One can only hope that the entry sheet is full, the weather is hospitable and all nominated teams report in.

All that said, it really is hoped that the tournament is successful and that all involved, organizers and players alike, enjoy themselves.

BOWLERS’ JACKPOT: In short, the jackpot was not won this week.

The draw staged on Monday morning, July 30, produced the requirements of (i) an even rink, (ii) end number 16; and (iii) minus three shots.

The new jackpot is $35.

One would hope that this amount of cash will grow for a time to make it an amount of cash well worthwhile winning.

A selfish thought perhaps.

Yours in bowls,

To the Grenfell bowlers who are Inverell bound this coming weekend: “Go with that Olympic feeling, savour the participation and experience, take glory in the victory”,

With Keep Rollin’

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Grenfell Pigeon Racing Club

Last Sunday we raced from Mullengudery in the Albion Classic 255km race.
Nanjing Night Net

The birds were auctioned off on Saturday night.

For most of the birds it is the first time they have been to the pub, but of course, there was no drinking before the big race.

It was a different story for flyers Shannon and Andy who, by the end of the night were about as useful as a parachute in a submarine.

The birds were released at 10am Sunday with the winning bird being promised not to end up in the oven.

Ian’s blue checker arrived at 2.29pm with a velocity of 932.19. It was brought by Obey, Whale and Doo.

They won’t have the money they won for long once their wives find out. Andy was second.

He only brought back half the bird as he couldn’t outbid Shannon, so they went halves. They both must have women’s intuition.

They celebrated by spending it all the night before.

Lucky Andy left his pigeon clock down at the pub as Shannon kept checking it to make sure he was home on time.

Ian came third and luckily Karen gave him his allowance this week as he could affords to buy it back. Next week we race from Cobar – a 343km race.

Pigeon Fact no. 2: The pigeon can breed up to eight times a year. That’s way more than Mitch and twice as much as Ross Brenner.

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U15s Panthers growl at gala day

Grenfell under 15’s in the thick of it against Young in a recent Gala Day at Grenfell where Grenfell emerged as dominant winners for both their games on the day, the other being against Griffith.Well what a great day for rugby when we got to Wyalong Sunday July 22, sunny, cloudless and plenty of numbers.
Nanjing Night Net

To have 17 kids there ready to run on was fantastic and three kids unable to attend we should have some good numbers running into the finals series.

We fronted up against Cootamundra in the first game and despite the lowly position on the table of the Coota side we could not take it easy.

We loaned one player to Coota so we had 15 a side and the Coota team jumped from the box early and had us on the back foot.

It took us nearly ten minutes to settle down and start to control the ball and up until then we looked a shambles.

We did learn however that if we remain focused that we can overcome these slow starts.

By halftime we had crossed the line twice but failed to convert either shot so we led 10-0.

Coach was not overly happy and the boys responded by piling on 4 tries in the second half. Unfortunately our goal kicking was astray and we failed to add any further points.

Coota did manage to cross beside the posts nearing the end of the game and converted to have the Panthers run out 30 – 7 winners.

Unfortunately the scribe missed the final try scorers but Hayden and Troy got tries as well as Charlie bagging a double. It’s nice to see Charlie getting back to the form that saw him represent the Brumbies a couple of years ago and his incisive running led to Troy’s try with a nice run and good offload for Troy to find the corner.

Game two saw us take on the Griffith side who at last start, we beat 34-0 although with 21 players there and some incentive to beat us this was going to be no easy game.

We needed to beat Griffith to consolidate a position in the top 2 and Griffith had to beat us for the same position on the ladder.

The game started well for us with the boys controlling the ball and sending runners with support to clean out at the breakdown.

We managed to keep this control for the first 5 minutes until Hayden crashed over from the back of the ruck.

We missed the conversion but had the lead 5-0.

Despite the kids best efforts they were having trouble getting a couple of the Griffith runners on the ground and not long after the restart they were behind the posts wondering what had happened. Griffith converted to lead 7-5.

This did not deter the boys and they came back up field through good runs from Luke, Cameron and Lachie.

Troy and Brock were defending very well in close to the ruck and Ryan, Braydon and Sam were knocking them over out wider and we soon saw that we could get these big blokes on the ground and take advantage of it.

Soon after Fin picked up from the back of the ruck and darted down the blindside.

To his amazement, and the supporters, there was not a Griffith player anywhere and he outpaced the cover and ran around to score under the posts.

Once again the conversion went to the left and we led only 10-7 closing in on half time.

Griffith took one last chance to score just prior to half time and nailed it as we didn’t put the ball runner on the ground again and the scored to take the lead 12-10 at halftime.

An animated discussion at halftime from Gav about defence and ball security seemed to have the boys fired up to start the second half.

Griffith had three or four players doing all the damage and they had to be stopped was the simple message for the boys if they wanted to win this close encounter.

Once again the game started and there was some physical exchanges taking place with our bigger blokes leading the way.

Will was yelling at them to get low and where to run and this seemed to pay off as they made ground into Griffiths half.

It took about five minutes for Charlie, who had been on the sidelines with a headache, to want to get involved in the match and he did not disappoint.

A quick reshuffle of the backline and from a ruck the ball went through the hands where Charlie found some space and with a weave and some acceleration he was on his way for another try.

Same story as before as we missed the goal but we held a slender 15-12 lead.

As seemed to happen in the first half whenever they kicked off to us we felt it necessary to try to score from the kick-off and run one out with no help.

Griffith took full advantage of this and easily turned the ball over and with their inside centre continually making ground it wasn’t long until they had crossed again.

Conversion successful and Griffith had the lead back 19-15.

The panthers then fell into a trap of giving away silly penalties for holding the ball, not rolling away and the unthinkable, back-chatting.

We were marched ten metres for the experience and we cannot continue to let teams off the hook with easy metres, especially the good teams.

We were lucky enough that throughout this five minute frenzy of penalties we did not have a player yellow carded.

This most certainly has to stop in the finals as the badged referees will not tolerate any of this behaviour.

Luckily in this same period Griffith did not score thanks to some great defensive work across the ground.

Tom and Sam were at the bottom of most rucks and doing a great job.

From a quick turn over the ball was promoted up the field with some good runs from the forwards and then Hayden broke through and sprinted downfield to score under the posts.

This gave us a 20-19 lead and as Will Hartwig lined up the conversion it was fingers crossed we could kick one for the day.

Well the ball nearly missed and as it hit the post it travelled through for a successful conversion 22-19 was the score.

For the last two minutes our guys were able to keep Griffith out although I’m sure the coaches were worried a couple of times when the Griffith team looked like busting through.

In the end a hard fought, close victory was ours to celebrate and enjoy.

This then put us ahead of Griffith on the table and gave us some breathing space.

In the end Coota actually beat Griffith in their game to give us an eight point gap from Griffith on the table and nearly assuring us of second place for the regular season.

It was good to have a game that was close and hard so the boys know that they can do it.

All we need is to find the accuracy with our goal kickers to allow the coaches to breathe during the games.

Thanks to Gav, Pete and Terry and especially to all the parents for their continued support of rugby with the club and bringing their boys along.

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Girlannas v Condobolin

Charging ahead in the game against Condobolin at Henry Lawson Park on July 22 was Girlanna Danielle Smith with Kate McSpadden, Brooke Eppelstun and Krystle Eppelstun in support.On Sunday, July 22, Grenfell faced off for their first battle against a young Condobolin team.
Nanjing Night Net

Condobolin were running third on the ladder, with us at fifth, so we knew it was going to be a close game.

From the kick-off, Condo came up with a knock-on which saw Grenfell gain good position early on.

Continuous errors from Condo allowed Grenfell to have multiple chances at attacking from a close range, and great ball work through the team, saw Kate McSpadden go over for a try.

She converted her own try which gave Grenfell the lead 6-0.

The half continued with Grenfell playing excellently, we were able to create a lot of opportunities from Condo’s errors, which led to a lot of time spent in our own half and keeping Condo away from their try line.

With only five minutes of the half to go, a kick from Grenfell was picked up by a speedy Condo player who was able to break our defensive line to run 60 metres for a try. This was a disappointing moment, as we had worked so hard and so well in defence to keep them scoreless and now with only minutes to go in the half.

The score was level 6-6.

From the tap off we used one of the moves we have been practicing at training and this lead to an excellent draw and pass from Krystle Eppelstun to Prue Hancock, who hit a hole at speed and was able to slice through defence and score under the posts.

As the half time bell sounded, the kick was converted and we went into the break leading 12-6.

Following half time, we knew Condo would try and get their act together, and it wasn’t long into the half that Condo found holes in our defence and were able to score, kick converted it was 12-12.

We were under pressure now, and some silly errors from us saw Condo get a penalty only metres from their line – another try, it was Condo 18 – Grenfell 12.

We weren’t losing hope though, and some great ball work between players saw us gain ground to be at our end of the field for the first time all half; an error from Condo this time gave Grenfell a penalty and Amber was able to score a try from the tap; conversion unsuccessful, Condo 18 – Grenfell 16.

Condo had really picked up their game, minimising errors and making good ground; a hard running player was able to split the defence close to the line to score, conversion unsuccessful Condo 22 – Grenfell 16.

There was less than two minutes on the clock but that was enough for us; a great set of six finished with a kick which a Condo player touched and then lost, resulting in the ball going over the sideline.

It was our ball and we were only metres from the line.

A dummy from dummy half fooled the opposition which left an overlap and Anna was able to draw some players leaving a gap for Prue to fly through and score.

As the final bell sounded our attempt at conversion was unsuccessful.

Final score Condo 22 – Grenfell 20.

It was a wonderful game from the girls, who were very proud of their efforts; our defensive work on the day was outstanding.

Mention must go to Karen Hancock – who was excellent in defence; Taya Frost and Deeanne Madgwick who both did a lot of work on the field especially from dummy half; and Prue, who had a cracker game.

This weekend we travel to Cargo, where we hope to reverse our first game efforts and come away with a win. Come along to support at 1pm.

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Reminder to fill out vital health survey

As a follow on from last weeks article regarding the Health Survey being conducted in Grenfell by the Monash University Centre of Research Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care readers are reminded that the survey forms have been distributed throughout the town and villages.
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Ex Grenfell health worker Sue Wade is requesting that all the forms be filled out as the findings from this survey will go a long way towards convincing the Federal and State governments that extra funds need to be provided for the upgrade of accessibility to health care in rural and remote areas.

A new poster has now been distributed around town as well for the information of the locals.

Sue is asking residents to complete the questionnaire and return it in the reply-paid envelope. It is emphasized on the poster that doing this will contribute to the planning of better health services for people in rural and remote Australia, especially when it comes to access to doctors which has been – as last week’s article highlighted – a major problem in Grenfell for the last three years.

If anyone would like to know more about this research they are advised that they can contact Dr Bernadette Ward on 03 5440 9064 or 0427 059 205. Sue can also be contacted on 0427 535 123.

Health Survey co-ordinator and Ex Grenfell Health worker and nurse Sue Wade.

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Library Lines

This week’s New Materials display features mainly adult nonfiction although there are also several new children’s DVDs and junior fiction paperbacks.
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Auto/biographies are always popular and there are four new ones this week. “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Die” is the story of a young Sudanese refugee who endues flight, a period as a forced child soldier, refugee camp and finally resettlement in Australia on a humanitarian visa. “Bandaid for a Broken Leg” is the intriguing title of the memoirs of Damien Brown, one of the famous Doctors Without Borders who do such wonderful work in the direst trouble spots around the world. It is also an oblique reference to the difficulties of their work.

“My Song” by Harry Belafonte is sub-titled “a memoir of art, race and defiance” so is more than a chronicle of his career as a singer. And very different is “Out of the Blue” by Joanna Fincham – I quote, “a city girl’s tale of true love and romance with a man on the land” …

Today the finale of “Knit, Natter and Nibble” for 2012 will be held with special guest Brooke Daniels from 2CR. Fewer ladies attended the mornings this year but their achievements are remarkable – including squares knitted throughout the year and donated by non-attendees we will be sending away eight completed rugs and over two hundred squares. Well done, ladies! –quite a few people in harsher areas of the world will be the warmer and more comfortable for your efforts.

Today is also the closing day for entries in the National Year of Reading photographic competition. The response has been extremely disappointing and the concept obviously did not appeal. It’s time now to think about the next NYR event, the visit by Jan Richards on 17th September. Current thinking is to have two sessions, an afternoon session at 3.30 pm and an evening session at 7.00 pm, but that will depend on numbers. There is no charge and the usual sumptuous Friends of Grenfell Library catering will be on offer. Jan is an accomplished and experienced speaker and as well as being Manager at Central West Libraries at Orange for many years has been active on the state and national library stage being immediate past President of ALIA and on a multiplicity of committees. Bookings are now being taken at the library so get your name in early, please, so a decision can be made on whether to have one or two sessions.


When is the last time you read a book or article which caused you to really question your understanding of an issue?

Our Reading Ambassador for August is Mrs Judy McInnes. Judy is known to everyone as the Secretary at St Josephs School and through her involvement in many community organizations. Despite her very busy life Judy is a keen reader and finds time to read several books each week. Judy writes,

“On perusing a dictionary to find the explanation of the verb ‘to read’ or the noun ‘reading’ no less than twelve explanations were provided – ‘to observe and apprehend the meaning of; to render in speech; etc …”

“How fortunate we are not to need to keep these very clinical meanings in the forefront of our mind when we settle down with a book!

“How wonderful it is to immerse ‘our self’ in the writer’s world – whether that be mystery, romance, nonfiction or fiction. To be able to experience via the writer’s words and imagination situations we would probably never have the opportunity to have happen in our lives. Surely some of life’s nicest moments are when we can put our problems aside and journey with a writer. While technology is great – ebooks, etc – to me handling a book, wondering what will be revealed as you turn the page, is till one of life’s pleasures. Enjoy your reading!

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Wotzon in Grenfell

Wednesday – August 1
Nanjing Night Net

Final Knit, Natter and Nibble session at Library – 10am

Men’s Shed Open – next to Railway Station – 10am till 3pm – for access by arrangement for all other times ring 0427-317-902

Grenfell Playgroup – Grenfell Public School – 10am till 12noon – Call Emma 6343 -1717

Royal Far West meeting – Bowling Club – 2pm

Rotary Meeting – Bowling Club – 6pm

Thursday – August 2

Leisure Group – Uniting Church Hall – all welcome – Ring Norma on 6343- 1809 for more information

Healthy Heart Group – at Bowling Club – 11am

CWA Day branch meeting – CWA Rooms – 1.30pm

Yoga Classes – CWA Rooms – 5.30pm – 7pm – 6343 3232

Town Band rehearsal – Band Hall – 7.30pm

Friday – August 3

Bingo – Country Club – 10am

Indoor Bowls – Bowling Club – 7pm

Saturday – August 4

Museum Open – Camp St – (next to Council Chambers) – 10am till 3pm

Sunday – August 5

Social Golf – Country Club – 8am

Old Time Dancing at Bowling Club – ring club for times

Monday – August 6

Museum Open – Camp St (next to Council Chambers) – 9am till 11am

Martial Arts – rear of IGA – 6.30pm till 8pm

Lions Club Youth of the Year meeting – Railway Hotel – 6.30 for 7pm

Cadets – Showground – 7pm

Tuesday – August 7

Pole Walking – Showground – 9am

Museum Open – Camp St (next to Council Chambers) – 10am till 3pm

Garden Club AGM – Bowling Club – 2pm

Yoga – CWA Rooms – 5.30pm till 7pm – Sonia 6343 31232

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday – August 8

Combine Pensioners & Superannuants meeting – Melyra St Room – 11am

Saturday – August 11

Junior League Mic Night Jam Session at the Country Club – 6pm start

Sunday – August 12

Plaque Dedication – Holy Trinity Anglican Church with Bishop Hurford – 9am

Sunday – August 18

Grenfell Music Club Concert – Uniting Church Hall – 2.30pm

Monday – August 20

Probus Club meeting – Bowling Club – 10am

Friday – August 31 & Saturday – September 1

Grenfell Show

Tuesday – September 4

Daffodil Day

Saturday September 15

Grenfell Seniors Tennis Invitational Tournament all day + Dinner at Club – 7pm till late

Sunday September 16

Grenfell Seniors Invitational Tennis Tournament continues – all day

Saturday – September 22

Grenfell Jockey Club Loaded Dog Race Day – Grenfell Race Track – gates open – 11am

Saturday – September 29

Bribbaree Show

Greenethorpe community Reminiscence Day – contact Judy Bryant – 6343 6349

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Farmers get “Update”

The Australian Government Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) hosted a packed out meeting of local farmers and other interested observers in the Grenfell bowling club yesterday.
Nanjing Night Net

Given that the Weddin Shire and neighbouring districts are still predominantly reliant on the cropping industry as the backbone of their economies the meeting was timely as the harvest season draws near.

The gathering – dubbed a research Update – saw hot agronomic topics such as “combating weeds, boosting crop nutrition and yields” high on the agenda among the local grain growers in attendance to dissect and discuss.

Growers were also there to learn about wide ranging developments in research and practices that can have a positive impact for on-farm production.

The exciting factor regarding the Update was that a line-up of expert speakers from throughout Australia addressed growers on subjects and issues of most relevance and importance to them.

GRDC Southern Regional Panel chair David Shannon opened the proceedings with a presentation on nitrogen management for yield and protein in wheat.

Following on from that Mr Shannon introduced Dr Neil Fettell, a researcher from the University of New England and a GRDC Southern Regional Panel member, as well as Dr James Hunt from the CSIRO.

They looked at decision-making considerations for topdressing with nitrogen and raised the question of whether plant genetics affect protein results.

Mr Shannon also commented that “local farmers often deliberated about changing their livestock/cropping mix and whether a change would impact on their future business risk.”

The meeting was also told in an address by Cam Nicholson from Nicon Rural Services that “It’s a dilemma for many people in farming so the likely implications need to be discussed.”

The vital question of herbicide resistance was given some scope by an expert in the field, Dr Chris Preston, from the University of Adelaide.

He provided growers with the latest data on herbicide resistance in weeds and an update on developments in pre-emergent options.

The question of whether it is worth spraying for yellow leaf spot was then taken up by the following speaker, Andrew Milgate from DPI NSW, following which in-crop strategies for knocking out fleabane and sow thistle were covered by Col Plater from Dow Agrosciences.

Mr Shannon then informed the gathering that vital new products were now available and those in development for the grains industry would be detailed by GRDC Manager of Commercial Farm Technologies, Paul Meibusch.

Mr Shannon summed up by saying that the day had been worthwhile for those in attendance and that it was great to see such a terrific response to the enterprise from local growers who were keen to ask questions and learn as much as they could from the experts.

He concluded by saying that it was “encouraging to see local grain growers down tools for half a day to attend the Update which is supported by Farmlink Research and Central West Farming Systems.

“The programs were developed for the Update and have involved considerable collaboration with local farmer representatives to ensure the topics are timely and regionally relevant and that the speakers selected were authorities on each of those issues,” he said.

All smiles at the huge turnout for the GRDC Update at the Grenfell bowling club yesterday – including guest speakers, organisers who were responsible for staging the very successful event, a guest farmer and an Australian farm machinery manufacturer – were (l/r) Neil Fettell (GRDC), Wayne McKay (Canowindra farmer), Di Parsons (Central West Farming Systems – Condobolin), John Cobden (CEO Farmlink

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Grenfell Junior League Reports

Grenfell Under 10’s Report
Nanjing Night Net

The team who travelled to Canowindra on Saturday was Nathan Wilson, Jack Garrity, Kyle Mahwhinney, Joseph Kiss, Harrison Starr, Tyler Byron, Caleb Haddin, Josh Smith, Michael Smith and Ky O’Byrne.

Grenfell started the game slowly, and were under the pump from the very start.

Within the first ten minutes, Canowindra had raced to a 12-6 lead with our boys left scratching their heads at the two tries that were scored.

So Nathan Wilson and Harrison Starr took it upon themselves to lift the team.

With several crushing runs our forwards built pressure and soon Nathan, Harrison and Caleb were busting tackles and causing havoc for the Canowindra side.

At half time we were now leading 22-12.

A positive from the game is the combination building between Josh, Kyle and Jack who worked well together by supporting each other in both attack and defence, with Tyler adding a “Billy Slater” like element, with his speed and evasive skills. Michael Smith was also strong in defence, this bloke is only little, but if they get around him he will come at you again and again as he showed on Saturday with another strong effort.

After half time the boys continued where they had left off, Nathan finishing with three tries for the day in a dominant display against the Canowindra side.

Joseph Kiss ran the ball well, and was almost away for a try, before being taken over the sideline.

Ky O’Byrne after making his tackling count was rewarded with a kick at goal which he easily popped over.

At the full time siren Grenfell 42 Canowindra 12, with the best part of the entire match being that the boys although again outnumbered by the opposition, did not allow Canowindra any opportunity to score points for a full 30 minutes, and with the semi finals only weeks away, that effort and commitment is what wins teams the games that count.

Keep it up boys, your almost there! (Go Grenfell)

Dykhoffs Bakery Under 8’s

Last Saturday the Dykhoffs under 8’s played travelled to Canowindra to take on the Canowindra tigers.

The team that took to the field was Zachary Clarke, Bailey Edwards, Riley Edwards, Tyler Byron, Ky O’Byrne, Michael Smith, Ben Hurst-Strange and Mathew Lindsay and the under 7’s to help out the team was Benji Reid, Lachlan Smith and Jonathon Smith.

Zachary captained the team and he found it hard to break through the defence.

Riley and Bailey both had a quiet game but seem to be wherever they were needed.

Michael also had a quite game but he also showed some great defence and never giving up. Tyler had another fantastic game with scoring three tries.

Ky showed some great runs and worked hard in the defence.

Ben and Mathew helped with great team support.

Lachlan, Benji and Jonathon were great to play up in the under 8’s to give their team mates some fantastic support.

CJ Anderson Under 12’s

The under 12’s team for this week were: Jarrad Wilson, Rhys Martens, Adam Hewen, Frazer Ryder, Mathew Ryan, Sam Crutcher, Aaron Mawhinney, Lachlan Stevens, Jullian McAlister, Lachlan Kiss and from the under 7’s Nathan Wilson and Jack Garrity.

The game started off with a bang against Canowindra, when only a few minutes into the game Rhys travelled a fair distance down the field palming off the opposition as he went to put the ball down over the try line for Grenfell’s first try for the game.

Lachlan S lined the ball up nicely to kick the ball straight over the cross bar.

Canowindra were doing their best in defence, but to no avail, because it wasn’t long after our first try that Jarrad went in for the under 12’s second try.

Jarrad made it look easy with all his side stepping from left to right and back again.

Frazer lined up to try his luck at converting Jarrad’s try, but unfortunately was unsuccessful. Canowindra put in a good effort getting close to putting in a try but with great defence from the Grenfell side couldn’t make it happen.

Matty and Jullian as usual were great support players protecting their team mates who had the ball.

Jack was his usual fearless self, showing all involved he is not to be underestimated.

As the ball was passed between the opposition players, Sam was there more often than not ready to tackle and put a stop to their progression.

Frazer and Aaron were a good team backing each other up in the tackles to bring the other team to the ground.

It was time for Grenfell to score again and Jarrad was only too happy to oblige by taking the ball and putting it down for a second time.

It was Adam’s turn to set up for a conversion and that he did, putting the ball directly between the up rights.

Lachlan K made some pretty good ground with a great run down the field, only to be stopped by a big hit and getting winded in the process.

As Canowindra tried to kick the ball through the Grenfell players to score, Jarrad was there to collect it and get it out to Aaron who attempted to get free from the group, but was tackled taking a bit hit.

Sam did his utmost to push through the opposition.

Nathan was there to help his mates running the ball and took a hit for his troubles.

Nathan was slightly hurt, but stayed on the field.

Jarrad ended up with the ball once again and with his continual good runs went over to score yet again with his third try for the day.

Aaron was able to convert Grenfell’s fourth try, bringing the final score to 20 – 0, Grenfell’s way.

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Bowerman and Schaefer win clearly at men’s night tennis

Round Nine of the Men’s No 2 Winter Night Tennis Competition was played last Tuesday and Steve Bowerman and Warren Schaefer were clear winners with the good score of 30 games.
Nanjing Night Net

Steve and Warren won all their sets in grand style, 5/3, 8/0, 7/1, 5/3, 5/3- very well played, Steve and Warren.

Next best players were Charles Harvey and Michael Doyle winning 26 games.

Michael was a fill-in for Hugh Moffitt.

Charles and Michael lost their first set 3/5 against the top pair but went on to win 6/2, 7/1, 4/4, 6/2.

Grant Fisher and Murray Mitton played consistent tennis to win 23 games for the night. Their sets were 3/5, 5/3, 8/0, 4/4, 3/5.

Rod Freudenstein and Ken Norrie won 18 games, while Anthony Wilson and Peter Sweeting who was filling-in for Stuart McKellar won 16 games.

Once again fill-ins were necessary to keep the Men’s Winter tennis moving along.

There are only three more rounds to be played to finalise the competition.

Round ten will be played next Tuesday night, July 31 weather permitting.


It was decided on Thursday afternoon, July 19 that social tennis will commence at 1 pm. Players felt that with the shorter days still with us, the earlier starting time will allow players to play more tennis before the sun sets beyond the hills.

There was a good roll up for social tennis last week and it was hoped that the rain would hold off to allow play yesterday.

Tennis players are welcome to come along to social tennis on Thursday afternoon.

It was pleasing to hear from our former tennis champion, Alan Heathcote this week that both he and Dianne have settled well into their retirement at Ballina.

Alan is playing regular social tennis on Monday nights with about a dozen men.

The Heathcote’s wished to be remembered to all their friends at Grenfell.


The next round of the Intertown Tennis Competition will be played on Sunday, July 29 when the combined team of Grenfell/Cowra will travel to Temora.

Temora is always a hard team to toss so hopefully those players selected to play will make themselves available – good luck.

Last Sunday, July 22 saw a very pleasing turnout at the Grenfell Junior Development Series Tournament.

Well done by Danny and his committee and other helpers.

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