Grenfell junior league reports – July 28, 2012


Last Saturday at Lawson Park the Juniors Girls played against a few of the younger girls from the Senior Girls League Tag side.

With a full squad of 12 in attendance the girls were excited about their match as they have had a few weeks off and were ready to play.

In the first third Olivia Berry played with the senior girls and scored a great try from 10 metres out.

Chloe Madgwick was the Captain for day and lead the team well, showing her skills in defence and attack and will be ready to move up to the Seniors next year. Caitlin Stock in her first year of League Tag is showing a great deal of promise with her tagging and running. Holli Madgwick, Elizabeth Nowlan and Tahnee Purdie had their usual reliable games.

Mia O’Byrne scored her first try of the season showing some good speed. Amy Parsons, Taylor King and Teleitha O’Bryne are always keen in attack and defence. Charlie O’Byrne moved up quick in defence putting pressure on the ball runners. Lily Holmes scored 2 tries for the day, with the first one scored from a dart 15m from the line and the second from a restart from half way.

Thank you to the Senior Girls being: Veronica Garrity, Natalie Cotter, Maegan Rassack, Tarlia and Bianca Cotter, Casey Hewen and Georgie Hargrave for giving the girls a great game. Natalie scored 3 tries and Veronica scored 1 try for the day.


The team to take the field against Parkes were Tyler Stevens, Emily Edwards, Benji Reid, Josh Clarke, Lachlan Smith, Jonathon Smith, Jaxon Stock, Hayden Reid and Dylan Beasley.

Tyler had a good all ground game, his defence in particular was great. Emily is showing more confidence especially in her tackling. Benji scored two tries and has developed a good strong tackling style. Josh is getting more confident each week which is seeing him more involved. Lachlan has straightened up his attack and is gaining more meters for it. Little Johnny only knows one way to play and that’s terrorise the opposition and Jaxon, our enforcer, takes some handing once he gets wound up. Hayden had a quite game but was in tooth protection mode. He didn’t want to lose it before his tooth fairy compensation claim. Dylan slotted in well at half so well that he might have the Tigers half worried in the future.

Next week we are at Parkes playing Parkes White.


The team to take the field was Matthew Lindsay, Michael Smith, Tyler Byron, Riley Edwards, Ben Hurst Strange, Ky O’Byrne, and Baiely Edwards. Benji Reid and Lachlan Smith both played above their weight helping out from the Under 7’s.

Michael for a little fella always gains plenty of ground for his side. Riley and Tyler work together like Smith and Slater. Riley hits the ball up and attracts three or four defenders while Tyler waits for offload and races away for a try. Most times he scores two. Ben tackled well and had several great runs. Coaching Staff were very impressed with Ky’s hard, straight running. Keep it up Ky! Bailey always gets the team out of trouble with decisive runs and never stops tackling. Matthew tucks the ball under his arm and only knows one direction to go. Zac Clarke was present for team photos, but was off to Sydney for the weekend. We think he tried out for the Tigers in some trials.

Great effort form all the boys. This weekend we travel to Parkes to take on Parkes White.

Terry Carroll Bus Service Under 10’s

The team to play Parkes Blue at Lawson Park on Saturday was Kyle Mawhinney, Joseph Kiss, Dylan King, Josh Smith, Jack Garrity, Harrison Starr, Nathan Wilson, Caleb Haddin, Michael Smith, Tyler Byron, Riley Edwards & Ky O’Byrne.

In cool conditions the team played strong. Grenfell kicked the game off. A strong run from Nathan & some great backup work from Harrison & Joseph. Nathan was able to score the first try & Jack added the extra points. Harrison made a good run up the middle with Kyle running away to have Grenfell on the attack again. Nathan was able to force his way over the line. Nathan converted his own try. Parkes responded with a converted try. Parkes were on the attack again, but it took a great tackle from Kyle to take the Parkes player in to touch. The half time score was Grenfell 12-6.

Parkes was dominating for the first few minutes of the second half, with two tries & one conversion to take the lead 16-12. Grenfell were looking a bit rattled. With a great kick off, Grenfell were down in Parkes end & with a good run from Caleb & well backed up from Josh. Jack scored a good try & Kyle converted. Tyler made good ground & with Nathan charging onto the ball, Grenfell were on the attack again. Jack put in a kick regathered to score near the posts. Grenfell were leading 22-16, with about ten minutes on the clock. A Parkes player broke the line & looked certain to score, but Jack had other ideas, bringing the player down just short of the line. Parkes scored the next play to level the scores. The game looked certain to be level at the end, with only three minutes left on the clock. Parkes winger took off up the sideline with no one in front of him. Kyle tried his best to bring him down, but unfortunately went over the line with him. Parkes won 28-22. This was a great game & the Grenfell team played well as a team.

Good Luck on Saturday when we come up against Parkes White.


Last Saturday saw the Under 12’s take on Parkes at Lawson Oval. The team to take the field for Grenfell was Jarrod Wilson, Rhys Martens, Lachlan Stevens, Adam Hewen, Frazer Ryder, Lachlan Kiss, Matthew Ryan, Samuel Crutcher, Aaron Mawhinney, Nathan Neame, Nathan Wilson and Jack Garrity.

Parkes came out strong showing some impressive defence in the first few minutes, but it didn’t stop Jarrod Wilson, as he took a terrific pass and shot off running ¾ the length of the field and scored a great try. He was uncatchable. Jarrod’s try was converted by brother Nathan Wilson and Grenfell was ahead early on 6-0. Nathan Wilson was instrumental in the next points being scored for Grenfell when he made a great run up near the Grenfell try line. Aaron took the ball and pushed over to score. Jarrod converted the try. Nathan Wilson was also too quick for Parkes as he made a fantastic run with the ball. He got a quick pass away to Rhys who weaved through the Parkes defence to score. The conversion was unsuccessful and the score was Grenfell 16 Parkes Nil.

Jarrod was the next to go over again for Grenfell taking the ball from the kick off and took off up the field. Rhys added to the point score with a great conversion. Parkes then pulled together and scored their first points for the day form a well placed chip kick, and the half time score was Grenfell 22 Parkes 6.

Back from half time and Parkes were the first to score. Grenfell answered back quickly with Rhys going in not long after. Adam converted with a terrific kick. Jarrod then topped off his game with his third try for the day. The conversion was unsuccessful and Parkes scored soon after but Grenfell came away with a great win Grenfell 32 Parkes 16.

It was a great team effort with Lachlan Stevens, Nathan Wilson and Jack Garrity showing great speed making plenty of ground with the ball. Frazer, Samuel and Lachlan were great in defence backing up time after time. Matthew showed a great improvement in his passing and Nathan Neame was strong in defence.

This week we take on Parkes White at Parkes. Good Luck boys.


Last Saturday the Grenfell All Power Service Centre Under 14’s took on Parkes Blue at Lawson Oval. The team to take the field was Mitchell Stevens, William Causer, Hamish Starr, Jack Martens, Jay Mawhinney, Declan Brebner, Jordan Verde, Nathan McCann, Frazer Ryder, Aaron Mawhinney, Nathan Neame, Samuel Crutcher, Sebastian Holz and Rhys Martens.

The Under 14’s played a hard game last Saturday. Parkes are a strong team with an abundance of players, and while they were able to refresh their team regularly our numbers did not allow for it. However the boys didn’t give up chasing each Parkes player down to the final siren and they kept up their defence as best they could, even as they started to wear down.

Mitch Stevens had some great runs and made plenty of ground with the ball. Will and Frazer were great in defence, making some great tackles. Hamish put points on the board for Grenfell with a conversion and Declan ploughed through he Parkes defence, making them work to take him down. Jordan was fast all day and made some great passes. Nathan McCann made some fantastic runs and he tackled hard all game. He was rewarded for his efforts with a try. Sebastian was our other try scorer for the day. The little bloke never backs down, taking down some Parkes players twice his size. Keep it up Sebastian. Brothers Jay and Aaron both dished out some hard hit ups to the Parkes boys and Rhys did his weaving magic, side stepping the opposition making him hard to catch. Samuel and Nathan Neame played a great game, giving all they had even thought they had just played for the Under 12’s and Jack was always there in support of his team mates.

Parkes were the winners for the day, but we would like to congratulate the Under 14’s on their never say die attitude and their display of sportsmanship and love of the game. We, as a club, are very proud. This week we take on Parkes White at Parkes. Good Luck boys.


Last Saturday the Abbott’s Bricklaying Under 16’s took on Parkes at Lawson Oval. The team for Grenfell was Daniel Harveyson, Taz Harding, Michael Millar, Robert Ryan, Kyle Norris, Henry Hunt, Zachary Starr, Joshua Knight, Joshua Edwards, David Parsons, Hugh Matthews, Connor Brebner, Ben Hancock and Alec Abbott.

From the first kick off we knew it was going to be a great game for Grenfell. Robert started it off with some great tackling straight up. The Grenfell defence was really something to see as the boys banded together and played like a team. When Grenfell had the ball Connor thundered up to the line and a great pass to Josh Edwards put him over for Grenfell. Hugh converted and we were on our way. Parkes hit back not long after with a try, but with the conversion unsuccessful we were still in the lead. Connor played hard and fast all day and he was rewarded with the first of three tries. Michael started strong but unfortunately went off the field with a knee injury. Something to do with thinking he can ski before taking the lessons. Parkes went over just before the half time siren putting the half time score at Grenfell 14 Parkes 10.

Half time brought the boys all back fired up with the game getting rougher. Parkes had a player sent off not long into the second half for a late tackle. Grenfell took it in their stride with Robert scoring his second try for the day and Hugh converting. Connor then went over for his hat trick of tries and with a successful conversion from Henry, Grenfell took a great lead. Alec, Hugh and Dan all scored for Grenfell next, and Connor and Henry added more points through conversions, and although Parkes went over once more the final score came to Grenfell 42 Parkes 16.

It was a great game for the 16’s and they handed the pressure well. With one Parkes player being sent off for a late tackle and another for fighting, it was a tense game at times. Daniel had a great game working hard in defence and scoring a try. Taz was hard to catch and he was on the ball all game. Ben Hancock backed up tackle after tackle, his defence was solid all day. Robert gave us an all round impressive display of his speed and skill. Kyle made plenty of ground with the ball and Zach got away some great passes. Henry played his usual great game kicking well and backing up his team mates. Both of our Joshua’s took some big hits, but got back up and gave as good back. Dave also tackled well and made it hard for the Parkes boys to take him down. Hugh had a great all round game scoring a try and converting as well. Connor also made a great contribution to the game with his three tries and a conversion. Alec made some fantastic runs that were great to watch. He ploughed through the Parkes defence all game.

Next Saturday we take on Forbes at Parkes. Keep the passion up boys…finals are not far away.

Parkes White v Grenfell

U7s 10am

U8s 10:45am approx.

U10s 11:30am approx.

U12s 12:20am approx.

U14s 1:10pm approx.

Forbes V Grenfell U16s 2:20pm approx.

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